CCIE Security v5 lab hardware

As promised, here is a follow-up on the lab hardware selection, I’ve decided to loosely follow the INE lab specification and acquired the following Cisco hardware:

Physical Devices

  • R1 2911-K9/SEC
  • R2 2911-K9/SEC
  • SW1 3750X-48P-S
  • SW2 3560X-24T-S
  • 2x ASAx 5515X
  • LWAP 3602
  • IP Phone A 7965G
  • IP Phone B 7965G

Virtual Devices

In addition to physical Cisco hardware, the following virtual Windows machines and Cisco security appliances are part of the SCv5 Rack,

  • (2) Cisco ACS (Access Control Server)
  • (2) Cisco ASAv (Adaptive Security Appliances virtualized)
  • (10) Cisco CSR (Cloud Services Router)
  • (2) Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine)
  • (2) Cisco ESA (Email Security Appliance)
  • (2) Cisco FMCv (Firepower Management Center virtualized)
  • (2) Cisco FTDv (Firepower Threat Defense virtualized)
  • (2) Cisco NGIPSv (Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System virtualized – aka Cisco Firepower)
  • (2) Cisco WSA (Web Security Appliance)
  • Test PC A (Windows 10 x64)
  • Test Server A (Windows 2012 Server)
  • Test PC B (Windows 10 x64)
  • Test Server B (Windows 2012 Server)
  • WiFi Test PC (Windows 10 x64)

To host all of the virtual machines needed for the lab I used a Dell Poweredge R720 Server with 2x E5-2650L v2 (10 Core/20 Threads) CPUs, 144GB RAM and 2TB NVMe for local storage.

For power management I went with a APC Switched PDU as this will allow me to remotely turn the lab on and off.

For console/terminal access I used an old Raritan KSX2-188.

Here is a quick rack layout of the equipment, actual picture to follow.


The lab is wired as per INE’s Wiring Diagram for simplicity, this may or may not change when I find more time to fiddle with the setup and decide on what training providers to follow.751497dabe5cb990edf1ba1748a01b6620f4a118

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